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    • Award : Arts Innovation Residency 2005 Spain.
    • SHOW : Public space intervention = Sorgin Zubí an interactive photoluminiscent bridge at tourist town of Zumaia, Spain.


      This is a Residency that mixes artist with local industry at the Basque Country for developing innovation bases.

      At the end of the residency we were invited to show our work at small tourist sea coast town of Zumaia, I am an artist as well as a Basque woman so I worked with the old knowledge/old traditions of being a Female magic maker. This is before the Catholicism conquer. Zorgin Zubi means in basque bewitched bridge. This is the pedestrian bridge in the middle of the town that needs to be cross to go to the school, to the beach and many other places.

      At day time is just a white bridge but a t night is illuminate by strong lights that will switch off when anyone enters the bridge, then the bridge will project - iluminate itself with very strong blue light  (photoluminiscent glowing in the dark). I painted the bridge with phosphor blue light pigment.